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Why 11th Hour Racing?

11th Hour exists because no family should endure the added burden posed by financial hardship while they are fighting through critical illness. We seek to lessen or even eliminate these burdens so patients may focus on recovery, and their families on spending time with their loved ones.

Why We Race

We race to help support local cancer patients facing financial difficulty due to a cancer diagnosis. We run for those who cannot...

11th Hour Racing's Support
Our Support

11th Hour Racing has supported cancer patients by paying for mortgage, rent, food, clothing, medicine, school supplies, etc..

Chance of being diagnosed with cancer.

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.

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2015 Fundraising Goal

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Sponsored Families

Who We Run For


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Who are these Athletes Anyway?
November 2013
Our Beginning

Mike Rowe founded 11th Hour Racing as a grassroots effort after taking care of a 35-year-old woman with stage four breast cancer who could not afford the oxygen she needed at home. 

The idea? to create a group of athletes and medical professionals that would race in order to raise money for patients and their families when they could no longer pay their bills.

December 2014
11th Hour Racing formed, comprised of 19 athletes from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Fundraising begins for a family whose 41-year-old father was given a terminal diagnosis. 

With a wife and three children at home, they were no longer able to afford the most basic necessities.

March 2014
11th Hour Racing competes in their first race.
February 2015
11th Hour Sponsored Family & Friend

A patient from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is chosen as the team's second sponsor.

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